Branded | Window Tinting

Tinted windows can create a more comfortable environment by eliminating "hot wall" and "cold wall" problems. You will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter no matter where the sun is shining. Window tinting also cuts annoying glare which adds to your personal comfort.

Reduce heat

Today's window tint is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy. Tinting can provide up to 78% heat reduction as compared to untreated glass.

Increase your security

Tinted windows also severely impairs burglars and "smash and grab" looters from gaining access through store windows.

Increase your safety

Window tinting film bonds with the glass creating a shatter resistant barrier, protecting the people inside, from flying glass, shards or fragments. This barrier can be of critical importance in protecting executives and personnel in industrial or government facilities where the risk of explosions can be higher. This barrier is equally important in the home where severe weather and household accidents can severely injure children and other family members.